Mariel Fernández delivered more than 120 gastronomic kits and equipment to 248 educational establishments

The mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernández, delivered kits with kitchen tools to 248 educational institutions that prepare breakfast and me…

The mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernández, delivered kits with kitchen tools to 248 educational institutions that prepare breakfast and snacks, and gastronomic equipment to the 72 schools that have a school canteen.

She was accompanied by workers from the Schools; the provincial director of Food Security and Sovereignty of the Ministry of Community Development, Bruno Bozzano; the district chief, Karina Ramírez; the Secretary of Culture, Education and Sports, Roberto del Regno, the Secretary of Community Development, Tomás Larrea; and the president of the School Council, Sonia Beltrán.

The 248 institutions that receive children with breakfast and a snack received a kitchen tool kit made up of multi-processors and pots; ladles; potato mashers; potato peelers; skimmers; steakhouses; colanders; blades; jugs; plates; cups; trays; bread boxes; caps and aprons. In addition, the 72 schools that have a school canteen received industrial kitchens, ovens, refrigerators with a capacity of more than 373 liters, freezers and hot water tanks.

The deliveries were made by the Municipality of Moreno through the Community Development Secretariat together with the School Council, with financing from the government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

“We need to build dignity and guarantee the rights that the people of Moreno deserve. We work to guarantee the boys and girls of our community decent conditions to educate themselves, that is why we have been working on the repair and also on the 6,400 sets of good quality furniture that were bought for the schools,” said the mayor. And he stressed that “everything that is done is so that the girls and boys can arrive and that their school is in good condition, and that they have a decent plate, hot and with everything nutritionally as it should be so that they can eat in peace and that they They can enjoy public school.

“Let’s enjoy seeing that we can bring dignity to our educational community,” emphasized Mariel.

For his part, the provincial director of Food Security and Sovereignty, expressed that “we celebrate the decision of the provincial government to invest heavily in the School Food Service, but with the political decision of a provincial government it is not enough, the commitment of the governments is necessary. municipal and here we see it clearly. That is why it is much more rewarding and easier to work with colleagues who come and are in the territories every day, so we reaffirm our commitment to continue working to improve the Moreno School Food Service day by day.”

The district head of education pointed out that “I don’t fit in because of happiness, because it is a historic moment and a great recomposition of rights. Seeing the joy my teammates have moves me. It is incredible that after 27 years of walking the territory and seeing that today we are going to have decent canteens with elements that are really useful, safe and of good quality, it really exalts us as a school and as the head of this entire Moreno state-managed educational system. thank you, there is little left”.

Officials and officials of the Municipality were also present; councilwomen, councillors; and school counselors.

Source: (Daily West Zone)