Mango and banana smoothie, this drink will give you the energy to face the heat

Nothing like starting a hot day with a delicious drink. In fact, it is the only thing that we want, after having witnessed in own fleshwhat it is to wake up with hell weatherwhere the last thing you want is to stay in your bed, because everything gets in your way: the bed sheetsthe Blanketthe quiltyour own clothes, everything! all you want is to take a bath and have something fresh for breakfast.

The truth is that there is no way to change reality, but it is possible to change the way you perceive it. Therefore, the best idea to face the heat is by joining it and this can only be achieved through acceptance and of course: the intake of delicious cold things, such as: desserts, salads and drinks, ranging from fresh waters, to cocktails and even smoothies, ice creams or why not? both together.