Malva Loca has the breakfast of champions you need

Malva Loca is the gastrobar that opened in local 305 of Resume Galleryin Vitacura, in charge of Renzo TissinettiChilean chef who triumphed in Spain.

There he was head chef at El corral de la Morería, the flamenco tablao in Madrid known for being the most famous in the world and also for showing off one Michelin star.

Photo: Carolina Vargas

You’ve been finding it for a while now. Hollyhocka gastrobar with the stamp of its kitchen, a surprise, own, that invites you to try, play and be amazed. No rules or trends.

All within a venue that is also an artistic setting, with a large mural by Santiago Errázuriz, as well as a stupendous bar with signature cocktail bar Y terrace.

Photo: Carolina Vargas

Several reasons to visit Malva Loca and to which one more was added: a breakfast menu that for now, you can go try from Monday to Saturday, between 10.30 AM and 12 PM.

Malva Loca and her breakfast of champions

Photo: Carolina Vargas

Stop by in the morning if you want to start the day with a true breakfast of champions, which boasts unexpected alternatives, such as cereal with milk like the Trix, colored classics that come with marshmallow; or if you prefer big wave ($7,000), with yogurt and fruit mix.

And you can’t not be tempted with the toastsfor those who use the sourdough bread from La Popular Pizza y Pan, such as those from avocado and chicken ($6,500), which come with La Fiambreria’s lightly smoked chicken.

If you prefer one veggie optionask for the hummus with cherry tomato and kale ($4,500), perfect to accompany a celery juice ($3,500), with green apple, cucumber and ginger, or grapefruit ($3,500).

Photo: Carolina Vargas

Also, if you are an egg fanatic you can add the pail of eggs ($6,500), with smoked bacon, cheese and dijon mustard, which comes with La Popular’s toast; Hello paila with mixed mushrooms ($6,500), with parsley and a touch of truffle oil. Plus the toast of course.

Do you think you missed something sweeter? tempt you with the cookie style @caroroccos ($2,700), what a delight with chocolate from República del Cacaco, walnuts and hazelnut praline. Ideal to accompany a cappuccino ($2,200) or the coffee with caramel and chocolate ($3,500), with milk, cream and cocoa.

Or one of the waffles, like the one from banana with nutella ($3,500), which also comes with strawberries and candied almonds.

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