Makoke’s rich and healthy lunch to show off a great body after 50 years

Makoke has decided to share the healthy menu that follows every day to keep the dreaded scale at bay

With more than 360,000 followers on Instagram, Makoke has become a true influencer and does not hesitate to share her daily routine to show off your figure without giving up the pleasure of food. Every morning, the television collaborator carries out her sports routine on an empty stomach and then enjoys a well-deserved breakfast to recover all her energy. Such an important meal that influences mood and physical and mental performance throughout the day.

Makoke shared through Instagram a delicious breakfast consisting of a slice of wholemeal bread with oil, a French omelette and half an avocado. A very complete and balanced lunch with fiber, protein and (good) fats, essential to show off your great body at 51 years old. Who said that healthy food is boring?

Makoke shares what he eats to show off his great body

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With summer on the horizon and the dreaded ‘bikini operation’, we are looking to lose those extra pounds and this breakfast option added to a coffee or tea is perfect for keeping the scale at bay without giving up flavour.

The television collaborator is passionate about cooking and does not hesitate to share her good work in the kitchen through Instagram. Following this simple and rich breakfast, Makoke enjoyed wok chicken and vegetables for lunch and steamed salmon for dinner. A menu loaded with nutrients that is very easy to copy.

Makoke’s trick to show off youthful skin

Apart from sports and a healthy diet, Makoke has included fasting collagen intake in his daily routine. A protein that is lost over the years and that favors the appearance of the skin, significantly reducing the dreaded expression lines caused by age.