Madrid will deflate all income tax brackets by 2023

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusohas participated in the informative breakfast organized by the digital newspaper ‘El Debate’. The Madrid president has attended just after being proclaimed leader of the Madrid PP this weekend.

Ayuso has announced that the regional government is going to deflate all the income tax brackets for next year, which will mean a savings of “around 300 million euros”. “So, if a family earns more that year, their income bracket will be adjusted so that they continue to pay the same taxes and do not lose their purchasing power due to inflation,” the president detailed.

In this way, Ayuso has pointed out that this is a proposal from the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who joins the economic model “that has benefited Madrid so much in the last two decades”.

Abortion law

Asked about the new law on sexual and reproductive health and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the Madrid president has ensured that abortion should be “legal, safe, but rare”. Ayuso believes that he is not respecting mothers who want to continue with their pregnancies despite being young or having few resources. “It is being transferred to the youngest that this has no consequences. This, more than being a right, is a failure,” he asserted. Ayuso points out that he will never tell mothers that a pregnancy “it is a burden to be lifted” because “that is not freedom”, is “exploitation of women”. “It is treating her as if she were an incubator and as if the child were a problem,” she has settled.

Meeting between Don Juan Carlos and his son Felipe V

About meeting the King Don Juan Carlos and his son Felipe VI, Ayuso has stated that he has “the greatest sympathy and appreciation” for the King Emeritus. The president has criticized that the monarchy is for some “an enemy to beat.”

“Everything that unites us as Spaniards, the symbols of the State, is what is currently being watched by a series of politicians who are absolutely disloyal to Spain, who do not want this country,” he pointed out.

Destination Moncloa?

Asked if she sees Moncloa as her ultimate goal, the Madrid president made it clear that “Madrid is my beginning and my end.”