Lupillo Rivera will refrain from public statements: “I will respond on my YouTube channel”

The Mexican regional singer assured that he will only give statements on his YouTube channel

Lupillo Rivera and his constant encounters with the press upon arrival at the Mexico City International Airport seem to be a thing of the past. On this occasion, the Mexican regional singer limited himself to answering all the questions with a single answer, which has already given rise to talk on social networks and the media, which have reproached him for his lack of correspondence despite the fact that he has been provided spaces in the past.

We will answer that on YouTube”, with a very mocking tone and recording everything with a selfie stick and his high-end phone, this was the response of the singer who was approached by several media outlets who asked about various topics such as the new musical and acting project for a streaming platform of Belinda or even about the constant scandals that the family of Jenni Rivera have done on social media.

Before any camera or microphone was close to him, Lupillo Rivera recorded a video for his account Instagram where he left his annoyance and the way he would now take the questions and questions: “Always arriving in Mexico, there are always media outlets, ‘journalists’ who call them, to see how we are doing right now. I am also angry my race, from seeing Lupillo Rivera so much on televisionI am also angry, the net ”, he expressed.

That was the moment (Photo: Capture Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial)

The interpreter of hits like Suffering Alone, El Corrido del Ocho and Big leagues continued the experience approaching the crowd of television correspondents such as Televisa Univision, aztec television OR Image Television who, recognizing him, did not hesitate to question the aforementioned issues or some viral ones on social networks such as Will Smith’s famous slap at the Oscars 2022 to the case of Sasha Sokol and the public complaint he made against Luis de Llano.

The faces of the people who are always behind the television on this occasion were now the protagonists of the already viral video of the singer that has generated hundreds of reactions on his Twitter account. Instagram Where, despite the fact that the comments are in his favor, there are others who reproached him for his behavior with the format that for years has allowed Mexicans to know about the lives of all artists.

That was the moment (Photo: Capture Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial)
That was the moment (Photo: Capture Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial)

“That’s Lupillo, what a hell of an idea to apply the same thing to them that they do to you all the time.” “The Lupillo who said ‘they are no longer going to take statements from me so that they can get paid, I’d better get paid on my channel Youtube”. “I think yes it is fun but in the end it’s like a ‘give and give’ because when he needs promotion or something like that, he goes to those same media”. “Well, I am of the idea that this is giving them a spoon of their own chocolate, so very good for Lupillo and his funny way of making them see everything they have been doing wrong for a long time,” they expressed the video in the comment box.

The singer mentioned that he is tired of the Mexican press (Photo: Capture Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial)
The singer mentioned that he is tired of the Mexican press (Photo: Capture Instagram/@lupilloriveraofficial)

Jenni Rivera’s brother finished the video with laughter already inside his truck where his team was also recording and having fun like him: “Now I recorded them compaI recorded all of them ha ha ha. I asked them questions nowNow I’m going to answer them on my channel YoutubeI am going to answer all the questions that they asked me today on my YouTube channel. YoutubeCome on,” he finished.

Lupillo Rivera has been one of the most media stars in recent years for his relationship with Belinda, so everything about her is constantly questioned, which is why he could have made this decision now.


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