Lower cholesterol levels with more effective breakfasts

Since a very short time, the importance it has for the organism let the first meal of the day be healthy. is that the breakfast must be balanced and provide the nutrients essential to start the day. In this sense, it is also essential that the first meal of the day be key to maintaining or reducing high cholesterol levels in the body.

It is worth mentioning that a balanced and healthy breakfast helps to have optimal cholesterol levels which is essential to enjoy a good healthfirstly because this substance is key to different functions in the body, such as the production of hormones and other substances or digesting food.

Taking this aspect into consideration, scientific studies have shown that not eating breakfast can considerably increase the blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the specialists on what foods should be included in our food plan.

A balanced and healthy breakfast Helps maintain optimal cholesterol levels

Some recommendations, which the site collects AllDialhighlights the importance of consume foods rich in fiber and omega-3 each morning, as both contribute significantly to lowering cholesterol levels.

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Healthy breakfast alternatives

Oatmeal: This fiber helps reduce cholesterol absorption by the intestine. In addition, it is considered a superfood, but it stands out especially for its content of a type of fiber called beta-glucans.

This fiber helps reduce cholesterol absorption.

Sardines: Canned sardines with extra virgin olive oil are one of the star breakfasts to reduce cholesterol. They’re a source essential of Omega 3.

Blueberries: The berries like blueberries, they help reduce cholesterol thanks to their rich content of anthocyanins, a powerful oxidant.

Slabrindanos is a powerful oxidant.

Whole grains: are a type of food that has the ability to capture bile acids, cholesterol and saturated fatso that later the organism eliminates them through the feces.

Fruit: kiwi, apple, pear or pineapple are highly beneficial to start the day. Most are rich in water and soluble fiber, allowing expel cholesterol through feces.

Fruits are essential for expel cholesterol through feces.

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