LoveYoli (‘GH 15’) outrages the networks for playing with her husband to be ‘poor’ for a day

The former ‘Big Brother 15’ contestant and influencer Yoli Claramonte, known as LoveYoli, has once again generated controversy on social networks. The young woman and her husband, Jorge Moreno, have uploaded a video to their Mtmad channel in which play at being ‘poor’ for a day.

It was a challenge, which consisted of living with 60 euros for a whole day. The couple chose to spend the night in a hostel in the center of Valencia for 53 euroswhich left them 7 euros to split for dinner and breakfast.

As for the accommodation room, according to the couple, it smelled bad and had some sinister paintings on the wall. The bathroom, which was shared, has not been much better either, although, according to Yoli, “at least” was “cleansed“.

Regarding the food, they have spent 6.92 euros in the purchase of the 7 they had. Bread, sausage, tuna, water and something sweet for breakfast: “We have not ordered a bag because we went over the budget“, they complained.

Criticism: “they are classists”

The truth is that this ‘poverty’ in question is actually a a real luxury for many people who do not have the privilege of living on social networks. They have had to give up the luxuries of their daily lives, a fact that has outraged many users on social networks who they have branded the young woman classist.

In the end, the former ‘GH’ contestant convinced herself that the important thing is not the luxuries in life, but the company. Nevertheless, first thing in the morning the couple left the mentioned hostel terrified.

Yoli is a regular character in network controversies, so much so that she herself confessed on her Mtmad channel that she needed to undergo psychological therapy for the hate received by his haters. A hatred, however, that he has been able to take advantage of since his departure from Guadalix.