Love does not exist… couple sells snacks to pay for their wedding!; we tell you the story

In the midst of so many ugly, shocking and even discouraging news that we see every day, there is always a moving story, because the world is made of contrasts and for every bad thing, there is one or more good things that restore our lost faith in the humanityso yes, there is stories that sometimes motivate us for their courage, others because there is a lot of love and/or struggle behind them or for everything together.

No one said that living would be easy, but our soul is foolish, wanting to set foot on this earth and on our bodies, leaving no other choice, since we are born and then do everything possible to to enjoy the lifetime and die as little prematurely as possible in the attempt. Many of us get frustrated in the attempt, because coping with our existence is quite difficult, especially when your social skills are not the best, but there are those who do have that skill more than trained and decide to use it to achieve their dreams.