Los Guacamoles, an ideal option for investors who want a very stable Mexican food business

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared, in 2010, the Mexican cuisine as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The origins of him are ancient and he is a element of identity for the Mexican people.

For a long time, the gastronomy of Mexico transcended borders and reached all the continents of the world. In this sense, Los Guacamoles is a Mexican food restaurant franchise whose base is authenticity and which is also a safe business for those who invest in the gastronomy sector. The brand’s products and services are rated with 86% excellent ratings on the prestigious Trip Advisor platform.

The advantages of investing in Los Guacamoles

In addition to the prestige of Mexican food worldwide and the excellent quality it offers, Los Guacamoles has a series of advantages that make this franchise stand out from other investment options. First of all, the initial investment required to start up a store is 75% lower than the industry average while the return occurs in a period of less than 3 years.

In turn, the The risks of entering the restaurant sector with a brand with great potential are low. In this particular case, high-quality and excellent products play in favor of the franchisee, who can also take advantage of the fact that thematic gastronomy is experiencing a growing trend.

The Los Guacamoles brand team has a extensive knowledge of management in the sector, since they have developed different restoration projects in the last 20 years. Franchisees receive permanent assistance, access to the best expense control tools and participate in agreements with the company’s approved suppliers.

Open a Los Guacamoles franchise

To develop a local of Los Guacamoles it is only necessary Have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed. The support of the brand is continuous, so that with a minimum ability to learn, it is enough to train in the knowledge that is necessary.

Los Guacamoles investors have a high commitment to the brand, which is also necessary for the proper development of each franchised unit. Another condition is that the restaurant must be established in a locality with a population greater than 30,000 inhabitants.

The processes are designed in a standardized way, which eliminates some existing difficulties in the restoration and allows the business suits all profiles that meet the above conditions. Los Guacamoles has Mexican restaurants in Madrid, Valencia and Andalusia. Whoever invests in them accesses a safe business and does not need previous experience in the sector.