Lorenzo Meyer recommends giving the lady of the tlayudas a place in AIFA

The historian lawrence meyer made a call to give an opportunity to the woman who sold “tlayudas” in the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) so you can have a fixed point of sale.

On March 21, a woman who took advantage of the lack of gastronomic offer in the air terminal became a trend to introduce your typical food. Although in some media it has been handled that the dish was a “tlayuda” users of social networks They have clarified that it was a “golden”clarification to which was also added the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The typical Mexican dish is made up of corn, beans, nopales, sauces, onion, cilantro and other ingredients, such as grated cheese.

The foreknowledge of the woman selling her dish aroused a myriad of reactions. from which supported to women and that these types of dishes were offered in the AIFA, even those who were against, of which it was possible to observe the classism and racism in their opinions.

Among those who supported the sale of typical food within the facilities of the new air terminal is the historian lawrence meyer. The foreign relations specialist went further and made a call for the woman to be offered a place within the AIFA.

Regarding what was requested by the intellectual, users reacted both positively and against it.