Looking for a meatless snack? We tell you how to make delicious crispy prawns during Lent

The Lent is destroying all of our recipes from fish, shrimp and else seafood. This was is undoubtedly one of the best to take advantage of the hot weather, because they cool us down and allow us to think about something more than the Red meatthat in case you profess the Catholicismwe are not allowed contender this food Friday and if not, you can also take it as a good time to change our routine.

change our food routine is almost as important as eating, because it also allows us to preserve that smile how genuinely we throw out the world when we enjoy what is in front of us us on the table, because a dish means that there is a delicious conjunction that is only there at the right temperature waiting for us to taste it to give our palate an explosion of flavors.