Live a fun summer at The Yucatán Resort, an All Inclusive boutique resort, in Playa del Carmen

The best of summer is enjoyed with a getaway to the beach where you let yourself be caressed by the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea, while enjoying the most select gastronomy in restaurants that are inspiration to the eye and a delight for your palate. .

Now, if you have already imagined that postcard of your next vacation, do not hesitate, your destination is the Mexican Caribbean and the ideal resort for relaxation and unlimited fun is The Yucatán Resort, Tapestry by Hilton.

If your concept of disconnection is to have countless activities combined with rest and relaxation, this is the perfect place due to its location on the famous and picturesque Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen, where fun never rests and is your direct contact. with the essence of the place.

A paradise by the sea

Whether you go romantically, accompanied by your partner or, to have fun with your friends, staying at The Yucatán Resort Tapestry by Hilton is a great decision because it guarantees elegance during your stay, delicious cuisine, entertainment and fun on the roof top : space where the pool is located and on weekends there are parties enlivened by different DJs.

Photo Credit: The Yucatan Resort, Tapestry by Hilton

But the pleasure does not end there, because if you wish, you can activate the All-Inclusive Plus service that gives you exclusive access to the services and amenities of the Hilton Playa del Carmen resort, an adults-only resort that promises impeccable service and access to spaces such as Innan Spa and the many pools and hot tubs, as well as its beach and delicious specialty restaurants. All designed to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the most demanding guests and just a 10-minute walk from The Yucatán Resort, Tapestry by Hilton.

Photo Credit: The Yucatan Resort, Tapestry by Hilton

The most exclusive awaits you

Something that distinguishes The Yucatán Resort, Tapestry by Hilton is its 60 comfortable suites where relaxation and rest are guaranteed. Also, each of them has a minibar that is stocked daily and room service so you don’t have to worry about going out for a whim if you wish.

You will find everything you are looking for to return refreshed from your beach vacation at The Yucatán Resort, Tapestry by Hilton and especially at The Spa, which has a variety of therapeutic rituals for both relaxation and beauty purposes, you just have to detect what that your body and mind need to find their balance.

Photo Credit: The Yucatan Resort, Tapestry by Hilton

Pamper your palate

If you want it, you have it! and enjoying the best and most varied gastronomy is a reality, just decide what you want to try, you can visit the Sakura Maru restaurant – bar inspired by the characteristic Japanese flavors and traditional Mexican cuisine. Within the menu you can choose a variety of makis and regional dishes that fuse creativity with sensory pleasure; ingredients such as cotija cheese, truffles, shrimp and avocado, to name a few of the great seducers of the palate.

Now that if you prefer to say yes to authentic Mexican cuisine, the perfect place is La Terraza restaurant, where appetizers such as seasoned chicken wings, barbecue ribs, ceviches and many more options will be served to please you while you enjoy the incomparable view of the sea from the rooftop.

Photo Credit: The Yucatan Resort, Tapestry by Hilton

The service and food are a 10 out of 10. Trust your desires and even those culinary whims to the expertise of contemporary chefs and mixologists who will be happy to make you enjoy each of the dishes and drinks you select.

After living a well-deserved vacation at The Yucatán Resort, Tapestry by Hilton, you will store in each of your senses the experiences you have lived through, which will make this summer seem like the longest and most unforgettable of your life.