L’Insalata dell’Orto changes strategy on the web

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Elegant and sophisticated at the right point, just like the company’s proposals. The renewed presence on the web de The Salad of the Garden it is not just a new website, but marks a watershed in the communication strategies of the Venetian company: www.linsalatadellorto.it becomes an institutional portal, a professional reference point for those who want to know the company and its products, a b2b tool built for users who chew agriculture and service products. For the consumer, on the other hand, the online shop www.mettiunfiore.it was born where L’Insalata dell’Orto tells the end user about its specialization in the segment of edible flowersmarketed in this new dedicated digital channel.

“Our corporate website changes face – he explains to Italiafruit News Sara Meninproject & development manager of the company from Mira (Venice) – We have enriched it with technical information on our supply chain, on the organization and technologies of the production plant and obviously with a particular focus on our first and fourth range products. The new content is designed to communicate with a precise target: the trained user of the fruit and vegetable sector, the Italian and foreign buyer. On the other hand, with the online shop dedicated to the world of flowers, we approach the final consumer and adopt b2c communication “.

How come this change? “Experience in the field has suggested to us that two very different targets, such as the professional operator and the consumerthey needed two different channels – replies the manager – Otherwise by communicating in the same way you would not fully satisfy either one or the other. We have also followed the same strategy on social media, declining the world of flowers on the pages of mettiunfiore.it, while we develop all the more institutional and corporate communication on the page. LinkedIn de L’Insalata dell’Orto and we will also re-measure it on Instagram with a new profile, here we will continue to talk to the consumer, but with slightly more technical content “.

“Our commitment starts here”. This is how the user is welcomed on the home page of the new L’Insalata dell’Orto website, with the image of a baby leaf greenhouse to underline the productive and agricultural soul of the company. Then from raw materials we move on to deepen the supply chain, the company’s modus operandi and certifications. In a nutshell, a modern and sustainable production model, between cultivation, plant and quality control.

A model that offers a wide range of products (mix and single variety salads, vegetables, sprouts, aromas to get to the V Range and salads), with particular attention to Igp productions (Lusia salad, Chioggia radicchio, Castelfranco variegated radicchio, Verona radicchio, Treviso red radicchio and Piana del Sele rocket).

In short, in a few clicks, a dip into history, an in-depth look at the present and a look at the future of L’Insalata dell’Orto.

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Mercurial Maicol
Mercurial Maicol

Chief Editor