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Limosneros, the place where the menu is born from the ingredient

The Mexican cuisine that is made in Limosneros has something special. Its beginning, unlike many other restaurants located in CDMX, comes from the land.

In the head and kitchen of Atzin Santos, creativity revolves around the ingredients. But it’s not just any ingredientsif not of those that are born in Ome, the orchard in which this chef sees vegetables and vegetables being born and growing.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

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From its seed bank, this project, which today is filled with fruits, vegetables, flowers and all kinds of green leaves, distributes beggars and many other recognized restaurants in Mexico. It is the door of inspiration that allows us to capture dishes that obey the most important factor: the seasonality of their crops.

Sowing creativity

The time, care, respect and love for each of the products that arrives at Limoneros kitchen is what is reflected in the menu. The letter has different sections. Between tacos, entrees, sea and land dishes, quality is the protagonist.


The constant is clear: sophisticated preparations of recipes from the gastronomy traditional Mexican, which have become avant-garde cuisine. The challenge for Atzin is to convert those flavors that the diner has recorded in his memory into something that surprises him. Through different techniques, modifying textures, presentations and experimenting until perfection is achieved, so that a meal in an imposing historic building in CDMX becomes an experience.

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Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

The culinary offer is completed with the pairing. The cellar has more than 100 national and international wine labels under the curatorship of Juan Pablo Ballesteros, fourth generation at the helm of the iconic Café de Tacuba, a sommelier and epicurean who teams up with Atzin to find the perfect match for each bite of the menu.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

The intention of the cuisine that reaches the tables of beggars is clear: find the essence of the ingredient, polish its potential until it becomes an edible diamond that captivates the senses and evokes memories, without forgetting the innovative touches that allow creating new memories.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

From the interior design of a building with more than four centuries of history to the creation of specific crockery to make sure each dish shines, it is an oasis of peace and delight among the bustle of the city center. The attention to detail makes the place a space that envelops the senses. It is an experience worth repeating.

  • Chef Atzin is dedicated to researching and rescuing culinary traditions. He works directly with producers to find the best ingredients and create a value chain.

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