Light dessert: Prepare a delicious yogurt cake with raspberry

The desserts they have become a fundamental part of our lives, no one in their right mind can say that they are something that they would not accept, only that they were on a diet and not like that, because today there are many options to substitute different elements to make your desserts something unique and without stopping consuming them. Many have managed to combine gluten-free flours such as oatmeal or rice flour which have become among the popular of all.

Although there are many ways we can create nutritious desserts, sometimes we need a little of those forbidden ingredients, so forbidden that they probably shouldn’t be named, but we can’t avoid them, because without them we would have nothing. Ok, not quite like that, but it would be somewhat complex to make our recipes. Precisely for this reason, today, we bring you an option where you can have one of the best options such as the yoghurt with raspberries