Light breakfast: Prepare some delicious steamed vegetables with cottage cheese; here the recipe

There is nothing better than waking up on break and eat something light to help us start the day with right foot. Especially after we have decided to lose weight and feel light all day. Especially now that the holidays are coming up. Holy Week and we all want to look incredibly good, basically because it’s time to wear that swimsuit for the first time in this little respite that this pandemic is giving us, after 2 years.

Yes, everything may be complicated at the beginning, because perhaps we are not very accustomed to eat lightbut once you start to grab love for the different kind of foodthe truth is that you even feel proud of yourself, because you no longer want that tamale cake or the tacosbut that light breakfast that gave you so much energy and that also brings you closer to your goalbecause it allows you to eat healthy.