Lent is coming! Capirotada of 3 milks with the recipe of Doña Ángela

How fast time goes! It seems that yesterday we celebrated the end of the year, but in reality we are closer to Lent than we thought, because there is only one week left until it begins with Ash Wednesday. AND Dona Angela knowsso he decided to share with his followers the recipe for a very typical mexican dessert of these dates, but with a variant that promises to give an exceptional touch to the preparation.

It is a capirotada of 3 milksthat according Angela It’s one of her family’s favorite desserts, so after you make it, it doesn’t take long to run out. And it is that in addition to the three milks, the cook originally from Michoacán, also uses a atole and grated coconut, that will end up giving a spectacular flavor to the typical dish for this season and that also usually has a religious meaning.