Lemon in Mexico: why the cost of citrus reached a “historical record” (and when will it drop again)

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • BBC News World correspondent in Mexico

Lemon grower.

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In tacos al pastor, in pozole or with tequila: anyone who has eaten (or drank) in Mexico knows that lemon is much more than just a side dish.

However, its price has skyrocketed – especially in the last two months – that having this essential flavor for so many dishes is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers.

“For the Mexican community, it is impossible to do without lemons,” says Alejandro Pichardo, a vendor at a greengrocer in the Roma neighborhood in Mexico City, where a kilo of lemon costs 85 pesos (just over US$4).

The importance of this citrus fruit can be seen at a taco stand not far away, where customers help themselves to their taste from a tray full of lemon chunks that they squeeze onto their tortillas.