Leave the routine behind and learn how to prepare a tasty martajada jalapeño sauce

a day without Chile for a Mexican It is something like never having eaten anything, because it is such a part of our daily lives that no one imagines the food without him. Even those of us who don’t eat much Chilewe tolerate even a little, because from a very young age, our parents got us used to eating it so we could enjoy dishes like stuffed peppersthe mole or the tinga. All these delight and many others, have the presence of this food, because that is the national gastronomy.

Almost no mexican, conceive the idea of ​​a snack, soup, stew or even dessert without any sauce, because even if you choose “the one that doesn’t itch”, it has a spicy flavorthat perhaps it is not as strong as others, but that does not mean that it is not itchy at all. What happens is that there are palates that are already so tanned with itching, that the least goes unnoticed, because it is not at the level of other chiles, such as habanero, Apple tree or others.