Learn to prepare a delicious serrano chili sauce for your tacos with this recipe

There is nothing more insipid for a Mexican than a meal without sauce. Especially if you are a mexa of red bone, one of those who go in search of more intense experiences each time and for whom neither the tree chili, neither him jalapeno is enough, so they take refuge in other species of spicy that go in crescendo up to the habanero or manzano sauces, which are the kings of spicy.

The chili in Mexico is a very important element for our gastronomy. It is part of a lot of saucers, starting with the chiles rellenos and there is practically no end, because we put it on almost everything. When a stew It does not have spicy ingredients, there is always the powerful option of adding the sauce, which goes well even with eggs or beans, whether they are from the pot or refried.