Learn to make your own cinnamon cereal without sugar or flour! here the recipe

Deciding what you can have for breakfast or dinner is always an issue. Especially when you have already tried everything and you want to consume something totally new, but you can’t think of what it can be. Especially the days when we wake up tired, sleepless and with no desire for anything. Those days the only thing we want is for there to be something to lift our spirits with its flavor and preferably, that it is not very complicated to prepare.

And for those days when you have time to try something new, today we have decided to share with you a recipe for nothing more and nothing less than a cinnamon-flavored cereal, which we know you will like and can also put you in a good mood. It is nothing more and nothing less than a rich cinnamon cereal, an ingredient that is definitely delicious and goes well for us on any occasion, especially when it comes to a smoothie or cereal, which are the ones we consume the most for dinner.