Learn to make a rich and traditional bridal mole with the grandmother’s recipe

Contender lunar It is one of the greatest pleasures that a Mexican. In fact, the sensation is indescribable, because it is regularly as intense as it is delicious. Starting, because you can have sweet notes despite the fact that the spicy predominates. All at the same time! That the truth here and in China It’s called mastery of handling ingredients and it’s a true delight to taste such artisanal dishes.

If you go to a Mexican party in Mexicomost likely there is lunarbecause he is one of the cymbals plus typical of the country, because it has a great history, because according to information from the Mexican government, it had its origin in pre-Hispanic cultures, where the indigenous people mixed various chilies with pumpkin seeds, holy herbs and tomatoes to create a sauce they called mulli (the predecessor word of mole).