Learn how to prepare leek and potato or bean pastes with Yuri de Gortari’s recipe

The legacy of chef Yuri de Gortari it is the preservation of Mexican cuisine and everything that has happened around it, nothing less than our history. And so he showed it in this video on his YouTube channel “Identity Kitchen”where we can see the recipe to make some delicious leek and potato or bean pastes such as the traditional pastes from Hidalgo, which, according to the chef, “are part of the new European influence on Mexican cuisine in the 19th century.”

For context, the historian Edmundo Escamilla shares in this capsule a little about the way in which the cakes arrived in Mexico, and specifically to the state of Hidalgo, when the Count of Regla, Pedro Romero de Terreros, granted his mines located in what is now Real del Monte to an English company in 1824. This marked the arrival of the englishwho made some leek and potato cupcakes which the Mexicans soon began to replicate.