Learn how to make a delicious plantain lasagna with this recipe

If there is something that you crave in times of heat, that is the fruitperhaps because of its juiciness, because it is easy to consume or simply because he gets along with almost anyone saucer. Therefore, today we will share with you a recipe to prepare a rich banana lasagnathat we are sure you will love, because it gives a different touch to the italian dish that we like so much. Let’s say that it gives it a sweet touch, but that is offset by the savory ingredients.

As we know, the lasagna it’s a saucer of italian origin served with overlapping sheets of pasta, interspersed with layers of ingredients to taste, most often meat (ragout) in Bolognese sauce and bechamel. When is it at kilncan be made with vegetables (spinach, aubergines, etc.) or fish. It ends with bechamel and abundant grated cheese to gratin it in the oven.