Learn how to make a delicious pineapple roasted sauce for your taquitos

Eating chili in Mexico is the daily bread. It is part of our culture and we hardly give it up. And it is that it is a habit that was born centuries or perhaps thousands of years ago from the prehispanic erawhen the first moles or sauces appeared that began to add these dressings or bases to the traditional dishes of vegetables OR meatwith which he combined everything more than well and that not even the conquest could destroy.

Today, Mexican cuisine has influences from a lot of places, among which stand out Spain, Indiasome countries of Africa And till Arabian. The seasoning is already native to here, but the flavors can be very varied, depending on the culinary customs of each region and also the ingredients premises that are available in certain areas, because many times you cook with what you have, not always with what you want.