Learn about the initiative that promotes sustainable Mexican avocados

In order for the cultivation and marketing of our green gold to be sustainable in the long term, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Mexican Avocados launched a campaign called #AvocadosForever, which seeks to value the most social part of the industry: the families of Michoacán. and small businesses.

This group includes 30,488 producers and 74 packers that make it possible for one million 116 thousand 833 tons of fruit to have been exported to the United States in the last two years. This agri-food sector, according to SAGARPA, is one of those that produces the most economic benefits in our country and APEAM is the largest exporter in Mexico.

The campaign of sustainable Mexican avocados

Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, chef at Nicos; Mikel Alonso, from Lur, and Lula Martín del Campo, head of the kitchen at Marea, are the ambassadors of this campaign to raise awareness of work in the field to obtain sustainable Mexican avocados.

There are thirty-two municipalities in Michoacán in which APEAM has interference and, although it is not a regulatory body that has interference in the legislation or regulation of the sale of its crops, it does impartially and transparently administer the resources designated for it.

#AvocadosForever seeks to make the benefits, versatility, and properties of this fruit known to the general public. Likewise, it will aim to share with the entire value chain the importance of following a common path around avocado; a product that, in addition to being healthy and safe for the consumer, is also friendly and respectful of the planet.

This campaign includes different communication activities such as explanatory and educational videos; different dynamics in social networks, visits to orchards and avocado plantations with national and international ambassadors and journalists.

What is the problem it attacks?

The economic benefits obtained by producers and packers of Mexican avocados are less and less; This causes them to change their trade or cultivation and the field is abandoned.

In addition to this, the excessive planting of avocado trees and monocultures directly affect the biodiversity of the Michoacán forest; This is what peasants and fishermen who live in the Zitácuaro area say.

Organizing the works and diversifying the soil is also on APEAM’s agenda and one of the objectives is for everything to be integrated into an ecosystem that produces economic benefits as well as environmental and social ones.

Finally, it is also sought that farmers have an opportunity to work in a dignified manner in the territory.