Lamballe-Armor – In Pléneuf, the fabulous cakes of Rocío Gutiérrez

“In Mexico, I was a professional makeup artist. For the film industry and television series. But when I arrived in Lamballe, in 2014, then in Pléneuf, six months later, I quickly understood that doing my job here was going to be complicated…”. Rocío Gutiérrez laughs heartily. And the mother of two children, “married to a Lamballais”, exaggerates the line a bit. “I asked myself what I could do once in France and, above all, what I wanted to do. I thought of cake design quite quickly and I started training in 2013,” admits the very young forty-year-old.

I asked myself what I could do once in France and, above all, what I wanted to do.

A culinary art which, despite its Anglo-Saxon name, is very French and attested from the Middle Ages. “It’s about making exceptional cake decorations, especially from sugar paste”, sums up the adopted Pléneuvienne. Registered in CAP Pâtisserie, as a free candidate, “because it’s quite complicated to find an employer: I was not very mobile with young children”, it is finally graduate that Rocío Gutiérrez will start, in car -entreprise, in 2017. A choice of reason, again. “It gave me control over my schedules. It was important for me to have time for my daughters”. Two children whose first name will inspire the name of the company: Les Friandises de Valéria.

Zelda, Skull and Great Gatsby

The beginnings were very classic. Friends and word of mouth. “But it went quite quickly, in the end. With more and more people asking me. And further and further”. Quickly, the majority of orders came from outside the Pléneuf region. “From Saint-Brieuc, from the entire coast between Binic and Trégastel. From Brest. From Normandy, even…” With, each time, attention to detail, to make the occasion unforgettable.

Only the imagination of the pastry chef seems to be a limit to the feasible. (Valéria’s sweets)

Good memories or special requests? “There was a Zelda-themed cake. I made all the little characters in the video game. The two newlyweds had met on the internet. Or a cake in the shape of a “calavera”, a typical Mexican skull, very colorful. “It was really special, for a rockabilly-themed wedding. There was also the Magnificent Gatsby… Themes are always conducive to creating, imagining…”.

Caught up on TV…

And the covid, in all this? A tile, of course, for an essentially event-driven activity. “It is clear that the activity has dropped a lot. But not completely. For weddings, I only did three last summer. And for this year, we will see. Many have been turned away. Others have taken place, but with a very small number of guests. And a “wedding cake” for 30 people is not like for 100 or 150…

The sugar paste leaves room for all the fantasies...
Sugar paste opens the door to all fantasies… (Le Télégramme/Nicolas Salles)

The opportunity also to vary his techniques. “What I would like is to succeed in making the link between what I do and traditional French pastry. But it is very difficult. The ingredients, the textures, the techniques are not the same. And, for me, a cake with cream puffs or macaroons is something exotic! “There remains the TV, which will have finally caught up with Rocío Gutiérrez. For a show, Welcome to the newlyweds, shot for TF1 at the Château de Pommorio. “I was contacted through my website, it was good to do”. The theme ? “American-style garden party”…


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