Laetitia Goncalves is a cake designer in Clermont-Ferrand

Three years that Lætitia Goncalves (Laetitia Magicake) practices cake design, after having held, in collaboration, the Clermont patisserie LB. “I liked the artistic environment, linked to cake design. And it really is a special profession. »

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Moving house

Previously based on avenue Charras, the qualified pastry chef has just found a more suitable location on rue de la Liève. “I only work to order, and everything is tailor-made. Like birthday cakes on specific themes, such as Disney heroes, princesses, animals, or even her creations for a baby shower… But also, and this is what Lætitia Goncalves is aiming for: wedding cakes.

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As beautiful as good

And for her, it is important that her customers say “wow! when seeing the cake, but also when eating it. “There is this idea of ​​an often dry pastry. But I don’t just make a sponge cake and a layer of spread! It’s French style, with creams, fruit compote to provide a soft texture. »

Marion Chavot