Lady Gaga’s breakfasts that help you lose weight

In the world of celebrities, it is very common to use strict eating regimens and fad diets in order to maintain a figure of 10. However, some of these diets do not have any nutritional basis that supports their effectiveness, but this is not the case. case of Lady Gagawho has turned to one of the most famous physical trainers to follow his eating routine.

The diet that Lady Gaga follows is called body reset and was created by Harley Pasternak, a famous fitness trainer who has worked with a large number of celebrities.Among them: Adam Levine, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Megan Fox and Robert Downey Jr.

harley paternak

One of the peculiarities of this diet is that it should only be followed for fifteen days, and then a constant weight loss will begin to be produced that will be maintained if good eating habits are followed. Scientific studies are still being carried out to support this diet, but according to its followers it is completely effective, since it was designed by an expert in physical training.

This diet is divided into several phases that must be followed to achieve all weight loss and maintenance goals. In the first phase you should drink only smoothies in meals, which will be composed of fruits and vegetables. The peculiarity of this first phase is that all the smoothies are made with foods of the same color and will be divided into each of the meals based on that. For example, the white smoothie based on vegetable milk or yogurt is intended for breakfast, the red smoothie that can contain strawberries and raspberries will be for lunch, and the green smoothie, which contains celery, spinach or cucumber, it will be drunk at dinner time.

body reset

In the second phase of this diet, you will consume two smoothies per day plus one serving of food that does not exceed 180 calories, such as an apple or some cookies. In the last phase, another of the smoothies will be replaced by another portion of solid food, culminating in a diet of a single smoothie plus two servings of food a day. The personal trainer designed this diet on the premise that if you get most of your nutrients through smoothies, then add small portions of solid food over the course of two weeks, your body will reset itself, producing a kind of “ reset” as indicated in the name of the diet. According to Paternak, this diet will make you lose weight quickly, while not generating the dreaded rebound effect..

The expert also stated that for the diet to work, alcohol consumption will have to be completely eliminated during the fifteen days that this diet lasts. In addition, an exercise routine will also have to be included to complement the diet.starting with a daily 10,000-step walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and including resistance training at least three times a week.