La Taquería brings the Mexican dish to Switzerland

Mexico It has been characterized before the world by its culture, the quality of its people, but above all by its gastronomy, which has even marked the palates of foreigners, becoming unmatched. In the same way, when Mexicans visit other countries, it is common to look for a position that sell Mexican food, to feel closer to home.

the lagoon Edward Hernandez, 32 years old, he arrived in Switzerland in 2013, a country that is more than 9 thousand kilometers from Mexico and where, according to what he says, the country was “desert” in Mexican food, he began working in a ‘texmex’ food restaurant.

“Yes, it was a bit sad, as a Mexican, working in a restaurant selling meat with chili and fajitas, nachos with yellow cheese, I mean it’s delicious but nothing to do with it. People asked me, are you Mexican?

Like a good Mexican Edward He was looking for a taqueria on the internet, however, he did not have good results so together with a friend he decided to start his own taco place.

This is how ‘La Taquería’ was born in Switzerland

Before the lack of tacos in Switzerland and from a place that sold Mexican street food was born The Taqueria. Edward mentions that at first it was difficult, because it was getting the Swiss palate used to a new flavor, but above all to the culture that distinguishes a ‘street taco’.

“We wanted to make it as authentic as possible, but keeping the Swiss style, because we couldn’t go so drastically from changing glass plates to plastic plates, which we would have wanted to do from the beginning, but obviously the Swiss would have seen it as strange.”

Edward say what The Taqueria It was a watershed in Swiss food, because when the business started eight years ago there were no others like it that offered tacos and now there are more restaurants and even food trucks that offer them.

“We continue to be the first official taqueria, now over time we have been able to put more things like plastic plates, taco plates, it took time for people to adapt, we even ordered taco-type tables from Mexico, the goal is to give like the atmosphere of a corner taqueria somewhere in Mexico in Zurich”.

the taste of tacos

Start The Taqueria It was a difficult process because in addition to trying to get into the taste of foreigners, it was to make the flavor of a taco remain and getting the ingredients was an even more complicated task.

“There was not so much culture with importers with Mexican food, we wanted, for example, dried chili and they thought we were crazy, then we found suppliers of Mexican products; currently it is easier to find the ingredients or to obtain them, transporting the furniture is expensive”.

Every Mexican knows that a taco without a tortilla is not a taco, being in another country where tortillas do not exist, The Taqueria He presented his first obstacle.

“What they struggled the most to get were the tortillas, a taco without a good tortilla because it is not a taco, so that was really what cost a lot. We searched the whole of Switzerland and found nothing.we looked in Europe, in fact, at the beginning we imported a tortilla from Madrid. We lasted a long time, then we changed until a friend who worked for The Taqueria opened his tortilla shop more love here in Switzerland.”

more love It is a tortilla factory in Switzerland that creates its tortillas 100 percent with nixtamal, imports its corn and also grows Swiss corn, with the same characteristics as the Mexican one.

Mexico is tacos

Edward narrates that at first the most requested on the menu were burritos, given the lack of knowledge about tacos, but over time they began to become popular and people from Latin America sought them out.

The menu varies, there are carne asada tacos, pastor, for vegetarians there are pastor-flavored pea protein, which are the hit.

“Many people consume less meat around here, but it is very tasty, it is a hit, we have that product that is authentic and vegetarian, we also have Baja California-style fish, shrimp and grasshoppers.”

Can’t miss the sauce…

And like any good taco, in addition to the corn tortilla, you can’t miss the sauce. The Taqueria handles three sauces: green sauce, chipotle and habanero with carrot.

“Sauces have also changed over time, at the beginning we produced about 20 liters of sauce a week and now we have to do triple.”

From Mexico to the world

The Taqueria has managed to maintain the atmosphere of Mexico in the streets of Switzerland, with walls full of Mexican handicrafts or murals of iconic characters from the country, entering the establishment is like feeling at home.

With two branches and 45 workers from Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain and Switzerland, The Taqueria has managed to conquer the palate of the world with its tacos.