La Nación / Almost 40 people took refuge from the cold in the SEN shelter

A total of 39 people spent the night and early morning at the shelter of the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN), located on Ayolas and Manduvirá in the heart of Asunción, the GEN-Nación Media channel reported this Friday morning. The people were received in the place between coats, blankets and blankets to protect themselves from the low temperatures.

The Winter Operation is activated when the temperature is around 10 degrees. The site has been up and running since last Tuesday. In the first four days, more than 150 people were assisted both in the shelter and on the street, according to Rubén Cuevas, coordinator of the shelter.

In the place they have dinner, breakfast and snack for people rescued from vulnerable areas of the capital and surrounding cities. While the mobiles of the SEN are moved to the place where homeless people who need to be referred to the place to receive stew, tortillas, chipa and a plate of hot food are reported.

The telephone numbers available are (021) 440-997/8 to alert adults in vulnerable situations. Likewise, they ask citizens to report to the 911 System of the National Police if they observe a person who needs assistance.

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The Meteorology Directorate foresees a slight increase in temperature in the next few hours, a condition that would be favoring the afternoons to become somewhat warm. The minimum temperatures would range between 9 degrees and the maximum between 22 and 25 degrees in much of the country during the weekend.

The SEN hostel was moved from the headquarters of the Asociación Cristiana de Jovenes (ACJ) to this space that has renovated beds and accessories. While from the Meteorology Directorate they affirm that a mass of cold air has established itself over our country and would remain for much of the week.

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