La Llorona, the Mexican restaurant in Linares that offers an extensive menu to its customers

For many years, Mexican gastronomy has been positioning itself, little by little, as one of the most relevant internationally. The exclusive use of exotic and daring ingredients, as well as the unique flavors that predominate in their dishes, have made this style of cooking a true world icon that is becoming more and more popular throughout Europe.

Taking this into consideration, those who live in Andalusia and are interested in trying good traditional Mexican food will find an excellent ally in La Llorona Linares. This is a restaurant widely recognized for its varied menu of Mexican food.

Menu full of traditional Mexican preparations

Historically, Mexico has been characterized by having a fairly diverse and varied gastronomy, through which it is possible to create a wide variety of recipes using a few native ingredients. Traditional Mexican food cannot be summed up simply in a few simple tacos or some tostadas; Rather, it encompasses many different flavors, colors, and cooking styles.

Taking this into account, La Llorona restaurant offers its customers an extensive menu made up of iconic dishes of Mexican cuisine such as enchiladas, enfrijoladas, chilaquiles, pozole, flautas, quesadillas, burritos, tamales, huaraches, gringas, enmoladas and aguachiles. These are just some of the preparations available in said establishment, which are capable of delighting even the most demanding diner’s palate with their spicy and fruity flavors.

What makes La Llorona different from other similar restaurants?

Today, there are many restaurants in Europe and the rest of the world that claim to be able to successfully prepare true Mexican dishes. However, in most cases it is Tex-Mex cuisine or other similar fusions that, although inspired by traditional Mexico, are quite different from what is customary in that country.

Fortunately, it is not impossible to find a place to eat traditional and authentic Mexican food. In Linares, La Llorona restaurant has been characterized by its great variety of dishes made with true authentic Mexican patterns: all at quite competitive prices and accessible to all budgets..

In short, La Llorona offers one of the best alternatives in Spain to taste real Mexican food. The quality of its ingredients, as well as its ability to design unique dishes, sets this establishment apart from other similar ones, being a reference for Mexican gastronomy in Europe.