Kol: The restaurant with a Mexican soul and English ingredients by Santiago Lastra

Without lemon, avocado and fruit, in Marylebone, London, it prevails Kol, the restaurant of Mexican essence, but with ingredients from the United Kingdom by Mexican chef Santiago Lastra, who on February 16 obtained his first Michelin star.

“I came to live in London in 2017, but I had already been trying to open a business for two and a half years. restaurantand more than 10 working throughout Europe. The first year I was here I didn’t know anyone or anything in the country, I didn’t have any money either; it took me all that year to find out what it is United Kingdom. I traveled a lot and researched what people eat here and what they like, to find a way to make something for them, “says the Cook who left Mexico at the age of 18 to follow his passion.