King Juan Carlos returns to applause after two years in exile for corruption scandal

It was in 2020, just beginning the pandemic, when the King Juan Carlos asked his son to let him self-exile to the United Arab Emirates, because his image was damaged by the Noos case, in which an impressive chain of corruption involving the crown was discovered. And now the monarch has returned to Spain to applause and celebration.

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It seems that in Spain they have forgotten how upset they were by the Noos case, since they have received with pride and applause to the emeritus king, 84 years oldwho has caused serious damage to the Spanish crown, or at least that is what the residents of Sanxenxo have shown.

The return of King Juan Carlos to Spain. Photo: AFP

They receive King Juan Carlos with applause

The King Juan Carlos of Spain visited the Galician town of Sanxenxo for the first time in two years to compete in this weekend’s regatta with his sailboat “Bribón”, this coming.” Long live the king!”, “Long live Spain!” and “Let him come back, let him come back!”, the public shouted when they saw him, showing how happy they are with his visit.

In addition to this regatta, the King Emeritus will travel to Madrid to visit his wife, Queen Sofia, King Felipe and his daughter-in-law, Queen Letizia. It is also expected that this will be just one of the many visits that Juan Carlos will be making to Spain.

After the prosecution filed the investigation folder against the 84-year-old monarch in March of this year, King Juan Carlos has returned to his country more confident and secure than before, since apparently he no longer fears repercussions. Of their acts.

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King Juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos. Photo: AFP

The scandals of King Juan Carlos of Spain

The former monarch settled in the United Arab Emirates in August 2020after numerous suspicions of corruption, and since then he has maintained his domicile in Abu Dhabi, a region of the world that was favored during his reign and for which it is thought that he facilitated agreements with the Arabs to enrich themselves from the Spanish coffers.

Likewise, at king emeritus has plenty of anecdotes and rumors against himbecause on more than one occasion, there has been talk of his infidelities and life of excesses.

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