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the television presenter Karla Tarazona was surprised by her three children with a breakfast on the occasion of the celebration of the Mother’s Daywhich is celebrated this Sunday, May 8, 2022.

On Instagram Stories, Karla Tarazona shared a photo of the breakfast that her children brought her to bed on this special date. In this, they included photos of the driver with the three children: Stephano, Alessandro and Valentino.

Photo: Instagram @latarazona
Photo: Instagram @latarazona
Photo: Instagram @latarazona

Through Instagram, Karla Tarazona shared an image next to her three children. “Happy day to all the beautiful mammies, may God bless and take care of you, not only those who led a life in their womb but also those who have such a big heart capable of loving unconditionally. Today I greet everyone without exception, to my mother who I still have by my side, thanks for so much patience, today that I am a mother I understand so many things”, noted in the post.

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“God gave me the joy of having 3, who will be my companions and although sometimes they give me green gray hair, they know that mommy will always be there to support them, love them and also to pull their ears if they need it. Let’s show affection, love, concern, respect not only once a year but 365 days a year “, he added.

“Mommy never had a holiday, much less rest, she was always there 24/7 without fainting and so capable of giving up her life for us. She enjoys, loves and lives tell her how much you love her, hug her, pamper her, time passes and life too. In the same way, a kiss to heaven to all the mammies who are no longer with us”, read in the post.


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