Karina Oliva speaks for the first time after accusations: she points darts at her campaign manager, denies the existence of a $50 million breakfast and refers to distancing with Boric

The former candidate for Governor of the Metropolitan Region, Karen Oliva, He referred to the questions that have been made against him after the complaints about irregularities in his campaign spending reports.

In an interview with Meganoticias, the first one given after the accusations against her, the former candidate for the Senate, faced with questions about the remuneration received by her campaign team for which ballots were surrendered for $137 million, indicated that “there were no salaries millionaires and there was no objection to the services provided by those people, both in the first round and in the second round.”

Likewise, regarding payments to his team, he said that “I share and I believe that one has to be much more rigorous with this type of action, with this type of payment that should not be high because citizens demand greater austerity, above all, with the critical moments that the country is experiencing,” Oliva assured.

Consulted for a “feminist breakfast”, held on June 13, 2021 and for which $50 million would have been accounted for, the once strong letter of the Broad Front excused itself, assuring that at the time it did not know how to face the questions for said activity .

“One of my biggest mistakes was not knowing how to explain this (…) I can justify it in a thousand things, but I will be blunt: there was no breakfast for $50 million. There is no ticket or invoice that is declared for that amount or issued to me by any provider and there is also no request for reimbursement for $50 million, “Oliva assured.

“This invoice was never issued, because that was a quote,” he closed about the questioned breakfast.

Also, questions arose from Oliva’s statement for including an invoice issued by the audiovisual production company Miscelánea for services rendered to René Naranjo’s campaign in his race to be a constituent.

“We declared that this invoice did not correspond to our campaign, we declared it to the Servel and it was removed from our accounts,” assured Oliva, who asserted that “there is an error by the issuer of the invoice” and that it is an error that – he affirms – did not depend on his campaign.

On the provision of services by the company Alerce Talleres Gráficos SA, belonging to Milton Lee, former treasurer of the Socialist Party indicted for the SQM case seven years ago, Oliva stated that “it bothers me a lot, it makes me very angry that my campaign manager had approved a provision of services with this company and that, taking that political decision of this provision of services without telling the candidate, it seems to me that it is a breach of trust and sadly I found out from the press that Milton Lee was associated with a bill from my campaign and I am even more disappointed when it comes to accusing me of a decision that I did not make, that Carolina García made.”

Regarding the “donations” to the candidacies of -among others- Ana María Gazmuri, Emilia Schneider and Tomás Hirsch, he defended himself by assuring that “what we did was have shared advertising, in which I assume the cost. In other words, where Karina Oliva appears and another candidate appeared, I declared ‘Mr’ Servel as established by law, that one has to declare everything. I did not leave anything undeclared, justified, as appropriate.

After being expelled from the Comunes Party after the accusations about irregularities in the reporting of her campaign expenses, Oliva sent a letter to the Supreme Court of Commons in which she accuses the deputy Camila Rojas of having asked him to include in the rendition of the elections to the second round of the Regional Government “invoices that do not correspond to my campaign, but to that of a candidate for the primaries of July 18, 2021, to which I categorically refused ″.

When asked about this statement, and if it was referring to Gabriel Boric’s primary campaign, Oliva stated that “In the second round, my campaign manager was Carolina García, who was the general secretary of the party, she managed the relationship with all the commandos, I mean with the presidential command of the then candidate of the Broad Front, and I did not carry them, which was deployed 24/7. The one who has to answer for those sayings, because she was responsible for the dialogue with the command, with the campaign manager of the presidential candidate who is the current minister Giorgio Jackson, is Carolina García”.

As to whether he refused to incorporate the bill for the primary campaign, he assured that in the face of “any situation that is not in accordance with the law, I will always refuse and not only me. I know that any candidate from the Broad Front would do it.”

Of the role of Giorgio Jackson between the Oliva command and that of Gabriel Boric, he assured that “all the campaign managers coordinate for the agenda, deployment (…) I did not have a job, I did not have contact with the minister, I have not talked to him for months. Not even in recent months or during the campaign. It is true that Carolina García when she coordinated things with the President’s command, she coordinated them with Jackson and there is nothing illegitimate about that”. She to be consulted on whether she was clear about the role of Giorgio Jackson in terms of that coordination. she said that “I am not clear because it was not there. The one who has to answer that is Carolina García”.

When the accusations against Karina Oliva became known, the then candidate Gabriel Boric distanced himself from her. In this context, he affirmed that “I can understand that the presidential candidate at that time distanced himself from the accusations. However, I would have liked not to find out about it from the press, I would have liked them to ask me, a WhatsApp, a call. ‘Is it true, can you prove that what they say is false?’”, because I deeply believe something in terms of democratic institutions: the presumption of innocence is a right”.

“Never again” spoke with President Gabriel Boric again, “until today,” he declared.