Karina Oliva case: Prosecutor summons Mayor Hassler to testify for “feminist breakfast” and request file collected by Supreme Court of Commons

The Prosecutor’s Office continues with its investigations against the former candidate for metropolitan regional governor, karina olive (ex-Comunes), for irregularities in reporting campaign expenses to the Electoral Service (Servel). The Public Ministry ordered two key proceedings in the case.

As revealed Thirdone of those procedures -instructed by the prosecutor of Alta Complejidad Sur, Milibor Bugueño– is to rebuild Oliva’s campaign, based on the review of bank accounts.

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In this context, the mayor of Santiago, Iraqi Hassler (PC), was summoned to testify by the persecuting entity. This, within the framework of the “feminist breakfast” -held on June 13, 2021-, which according to a report published by CyprusIt had a cost of $50 million pesos, according to the expenses rendered by Oliva before Servel.

Hassler is joined by other authorities, who also attended the event: the mayor of Ñuñoa, Emilia Rios (RD), the deputies karol cariola (PC) and Marisela Santibanez (PC), and the current government spokeswoman, Camila Vallejo.

Who has already testified is the mayor of Quilicura, Paulina Bobadillaalso a member of the Broad Front.

other errand

Another diligence instructed by the prosecutor Bugueño asks Comunes to send the file of the Supreme Court of the community on the investigation in which Karina Oliva was expelled.

Let us remember that Oliva sent a letter to the Supreme Court accusing a “settlement of accounts” and points to the deputies claudia mix and Camila Rojasalso militants of Comunes. Likewise, he accuses that other members of the party received irregular financing.

“Those who promote this complaint against me are those who received irregular financing in their campaigns,” he charged. According to Oliva, the situation was reported to the court. However, they neglected the case, assured the political scientist.

In addition, he denounced that Rojas asked him to “include, in my second-round submission to the regional government in his capacity as general secretary of the party, invoices that do not correspond to my campaign, but to that of a candidate for the primaries on July 18.” of the year 2021, to which I categorically refused”.