Junqueras demands that the Government clarify the details of the wiretapping, who ordered it and how long it lasted


The leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has demanded that the Government offer transparency in the matter of alleged espionage through Pegasus and has urged it to clarify the details of the wiretapping, who ordered it and how long it lasted.

In an informative breakfast, Junqueras also insisted that the Government must assume responsibilities, but he warned that “it is impossible to establish the assumption of essential responsibilities” until it is known in detail what has happened with this matter.

“Transparency is essential to set the level of assumption of responsibilities that must occur,” he assured, pointing out that the third issue that the Government must do in the Pegasus case is to provide guarantees that it will not be repeated.

When asked if ERC continues to be the Government’s priority partner in the Congress of Deputies, Junqueras defended that, if Pedro Sánchez’s Executive “wants to restore the trust that has been damaged, it must be transparent, it must assume proportional responsibilities to the result of transparency, and give guarantees that this does not happen in the future”.


For his part, Junqueras has called for the recovery of consensus on the defense of Catalan and has accused Junts of seeking “conflict” by distancing itself from the reform of the Language Policy Law, which had initially been agreed with the Republicans, the PSC and the commons.

“We are very sorry that for partisan reasons and because someone believes that conflict is convenient for him, he decides to go back on what he has signed and has always defended,” he criticized Junts at a breakfast organized by the Forum Europe-Tribuna Catalunya.

Faced with this decision by Junts, he has opted to “work to always build consensus and recover the consensus that existed, make proposals and never give up” working to defend Catalan at school.

Thus, Junqueras called on Junts for “responsibility, generosity and putting the country ahead of the interests of the party or even the interests of a party within a party”, and has assured that ERC is willing to come to an understanding with any formation to defend the Catalan educational model.

“Our will is to try to find positive agreements with everyone possible. As long as this does not imply a betrayal of what we consider to be useful for society”, and he stressed that, for him, the current Catalan educational model is useful for citizenship.

The Republican leader has also defended that the teaching of languages ​​”can never be a question of percentages” because, in his opinion, they do not adapt to the reality of the educational system, and he has insisted that, if there is a language that needs more protection, is Catalan.


Likewise, Junqueras has underlined the need to negotiate with the central government to resolve the Catalan conflict, although he has warned that the success of the dialogue table “depends on the good will, sincerity, reasonableness and effort of each one of the parts”.

He considers that the dialogue table does not depend only on one of the parties and has accused the Government of “dragging its feet” and of having insufficient interest in this table, but has stressed that this does not mean that the negotiation ceases to be useful .

“The negotiation continues to be valid as a principle and will end up being essential and useful”, and he added that it can be achieved in many different ways but it is necessary because the international community asks for it.