Junín: strawberries harvested in high areas complement Qali Warma school breakfasts | News

The intense cold is felt from the first hours of the day in the town of Chaquicocha in the Pariahuanca district, Huancayo province, Junín region, located 3,800 meters above sea level. In this place, the population generally plants potatoes, oca and olluco, because the frost and the constant rains prevent the growth of vegetables and fruit, but the producers have managed to harvest exquisite strawberries that complement the school breakfast provided by Qali Warma.

The women and men of this community, with their ingenuity and perseverance, braved the cold and installed a communal garden with phytosolde, equipped with agricultural plastics that allow the sun’s rays to filter. In this way, they conserve heat and sow and harvest strawberries, vegetables and also aromatic herbs.

Nélida and Gladys, members of this community, very proudly show us their community garden under the phytosol. There they produce delicious strawberries and vegetables such as lettuce, parsley, cabbage, Chinese onion, carrot, and other crops that rotate according to the season.

Holding a basket of strawberries in her hands, Nélida Torres tells us that planting and harvesting this fruit with the entire community has been a novel experience. “Because of the cold weather we didn’t think that strawberries would grow, but in our orchard we obtained a good harvest, the schoolchildren eat this fruit with milk, before they didn’t know about strawberries, now they do and they like it a lot,” she emphasizes.

While Gladys, teacher at the Pronoei Vicuñitas of the Summit, refers that strawberries are used to combine with oatmeal flakes and quinoa vegetables for salads. He adds that everything they harvest in the garden is combined with the products delivered by the National School Feeding Program. Qali Warma, of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).

During the supervision, the local management monitor of the program highlights the good organization in the community garden and that the plot with the phytosol has created a microclimate to plant strawberries, vegetables; In addition, they are all ecological because they use organic fertilizer.

While aromatic herbs such as oregano, lemon balm, chamomile, muña and lemon verbena are used to prepare mates that help good digestion after eating legumes such as beans, lentils, green peas, due to the intense cold.

In an articulated way, it contributes to the healthy diet of primary school students of the educational institution 30037 and the Pronoei Vicuñitas de la Cumbre in Chaquicocha.

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