José Luis Mateos regrets the little contact with the mayor in these three years of municipal government

Recovering one of the pre-pandemic acts, an informative breakfast with members of the Salamanca press, José Luis Mateos has taken stock of the work of the government team on the day that marks three years since the last municipal elections.

A negative balance on the part of the leader of the opposition: “The PP has carried out an insubstantial and apathetic management at the municipal level, because they have shown during these three years that they are not concerned about the needs, problems and demands of the people of Salamanca and of the Salamancans. They are used to managing from inertia, immobility and misunderstood conservatism. That seriously harms the future and the changes this city needs.”

José Luis Mateos did not want to get wet with the questions about which councilor has been the one that, in his opinion, has carried out its function worse during these almost three years, but he has denounced the little communication he has had with Carlos García Carbayo and that if carried out with the previous mayor of the city, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco: “I don’t want to put my eyes on any member of the government team, I think that as a whole they have not risen to the occasion, I think they have lacked sensitivity with the citizenship. There has been a lack of capacity for understanding and dialogue on his part, I would like there to be a less apathetic mayor, honestly, I would like a mayor who was sensitive, who had empathy and who, beyond saying good morning, would take the position seriously that performs. Because it’s true, the mayor is affable, cordial… it would be more than necessary for him to enter the City Hall and not say hello, but being mayor is more than that. It’s calling the leader of the opposition and talking about the problems of the city. Do you know how many times the mayor has called me? None in three years.”

The solution for Salamanca, according to Mateos, is to promote the local economy of Salamanca “linked to strategic sectors such as science, technology, knowledge, renewable energies… all of this is very important for a city like ours, not we can have an almost exclusive dependency on the services sector, which works well, but we cannot depend only on those. We must diversify our productive model, so that when a crisis arrives we are not particularly affected. On the other hand, proper maintenance of municipal services and public furniture and squares and streets of the city is also necessary, there is a lack of care in the city”.

José Luis Mateos has also denounced that the actions of the government team seem to separate “two cities. It cannot be that the neighborhoods and the center have a different treatment”.

Among his conclusions on these three years of the coalition government between Ciudadanos and the PP, Mateos has directly attacked Carbayo’s party: “The PP’s management smells more and more rotten, it is a large septic tank that has difficulties to hide because every time it smells worse. The management of the PP on a day-to-day basis does not have control over what municipal resources are dedicated to, this comes from all our pockets”.

Finally, José Luis Mateos has avoided specifying whether he will present himself as candidates for the next municipal elections and will wait for decisions from the party itself.