Jorge Valdivia revealed unpublished details of how “Puerto Ordazo” arose

“What hurt me the most is that the rest of the players held me responsible,” said the player.

The national soccer player, Jorge “Mago” Valdivia, gave tasty details of what happened in the mythical “Puerto Ordazo” in 2007, when La Roja was playing the Copa América in Venezuela. After the tough defeat against Brazil and the elimination, indiscipline was uncovered in the hotel where the team was staying. During a conversation in Podemos Hablar, the soccer player recalled the episode that triggered an accusation of a possible sexual assault on a worker.

The midfielder recalled that the night they qualified, he and other teammates stayed until seven in the morning celebrating. At that time, they decided to go downstairs for breakfast. “The ‘Choro’ Navia, Rodrigo Tello, Jorge Vargas, Álvaro Ormeño, Pablo Contreras and I came down. And I have always made the typical juvenile jokes that, in my opinion, do not do so much damage. What did I do? I threw a ham at a colleague. I put jam on another’s cheek.” reported on the show.

However, the jokes between the companions quickly turned into a serious accusation. “What triggered everything was that one of the companions, who was not me, said to him ‘have they made love to you at seven in the morning?’ So, after the comment, I am not going to say who he was, but he knows perfectly well who he was, everything that came later came, that we were accused… ”revealed.

In turn, he denied some of the rumors that emerged in the press at the time, pointing out that they did not arrive at breakfast naked, nor did they throw pizza pieces on the ceiling of the room, nor did they have a party at breakfast. “But in truth what triggered all this, that later we embarrassed the delegation that was representing the country at that minute, what generates all this commotion is what a colleague says to this person who was attending at that minute in that cafe , At breakfast”he confessed.

After that, the footballer assured that “What hurt me the most is that the rest of the players who were present at that minute blamed me for something that triggered everything that came after.” Although the player indicated that he assumed his responsibility, after a meeting with the president of the Federation, he emphasized that it was not he who made the comment that triggered everything.

There was an error on our part of having been all night celebrating more than necessary. We get out of control. She got out of hand. She went above and beyond”, he pointed. Finally, the “Wizard” related that “I share everything that has to do with the offense for that woman at that minute. But I think that should have been assumed by the player who did it”.