Jorge Valdivia revealed details of the “Puertordazo” 15 years later

After 15 years, Jorge Valdivia decided to reveal details of one of the great controversies that marked his career and that marked the beginning of the change of destination of the Chilean team at that time, because the “Wizard” referred after so long to “Puerto Ordazo“.

Valdivia spoke with Chilevisión’s “Podemos Hablar” program and told his side of the story of what happened on July 5, 2007 at the Mara Inn hotel in the Venezuelan city, in the middle of the America’s Cup that was being held in that country, in the indiscipline that they staged with Reinaldo Navia, Jorge Vargas, Pablo Contreras, Álvaro Ormeño and Rodrigo Tello.

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“We had qualified, if I’m not mistaken, for the second phase of the Copa América in Venezuela. And the night we qualified, Nelson Acosta gave us free time. And with a group of players and colleagues, we began to drink (alcohol) in the rooms“, the one trained in Colo Colo began his story.

We missed the hour, a lot. We stayed until 7:00 in the morning sharing, having a good time, having a beer, two, three, twenty… We decided to go down to breakfast, at that time, half past six, seven in the morning. Hotel breakfast. I have always made the typical juvenile jokes that, in my opinion, do not do so much damage. I threw a ham at a colleague, I put jam on the cheek of another“, he added.

Then he noted that “that didn’t trigger what happened next, because we were accused of wanting to sexually assault a person, a woman who worked at breakfast. What set it all off was one of the companions, who wasn’t me, said ‘have they made love to you at 7 in the morning?’. After the comment, I will not say who it was, but he knows perfectly well; came everything that came later, that he accused us… “.

“What hurt me the most is that the rest of the players will hold me responsible for something that triggered everything that came after. A summons arrived from the ANFP, the president was Harold Mayne-Nicholls. And I took my responsibility. I didn’t send anyone to the front. The day when the rest of the players who were there want to ask Harold if I sent someone to the front… I didn’t send anyone to the front. I was held accountable“, he added.

I was the one with the ham clowning, I threw the ice at another colleague, I put jam on another’s cheek (…), there was an error on our part of having been all night celebrating more than necessary. We get out of control. She got out of hand. I share everything that has to do with the offense for that woman. But I think it should have been assumed by the player who did it“, he sentenced.

Valdivia returned to La Roja a year later, already under the command of Marcelo Bielsa and banned from being captain. His history with the National Team marks seven goals in 79 official matches, two World Cups (South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014) and the title of the Copa América 2015.