Jorge Valdivia recalled Puerto Ordazo: “I paid someone else’s guilt”

Valdivia referred to this situation again during his participation in Chilevisión’s PH program. AGENCY ONE/FILE

Jorge Valdivia recalled one of his most controversial episodes in the Chilean National Team, the remembered Puerto Ordazo, which occurred during the 2007 Copa América in Venezuela.

This fact meant that the Magician was punished and could only return to the Red during the process led by Marcelo Bielsa.

But Valdivia referred to this situation again during his participation in the Chilevisión PH program.

“Choro Navia, Rodrigo Tello, Jorge Vargas, Álvaro Ormeño, Pablo Contreras and I came down. And I have always made typical juvenile jokes that, in my opinion, do not do so much damage. What did I do? I threw ham at a colleague , I put jam on another’s cheek, but that did not detonate in what later became “, he pointed out in the program.

Jorge Valdivia pointed out that “we were accused of wanting to sexually assault a person, a woman who was working at breakfast at that minute. What triggered everything was that one of the colleagues, who was not me, told him Did they make love to you at 7 in the morning? So after that comment, which I will not say who it was, but he knows perfectly well, everything that came after came.

El Mago, with a past in Colo Colo, Morelia, Rayo Vallecano and U. La Calera, among other teams, made it clear that he was blamed for a situation that he did not star in.

“What hurt me the most was that the rest of the players who were present at that moment held me responsible for something that triggered everything that came later. I assumed my responsibility, I did not send anyone to the front and they held me responsible,” he argued.

Valdivia acknowledged that “we are going to be frank, there was a mistake on our part of having been all night celebrating more than we should have, we got out of control, we overdid it and went down to have breakfast, when we should not have done it. I paid the someone else’s fault”.