Jimena Barón surprised her son Morrison on his birthday: his favorite breakfast and many gifts

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Jimena Baron and his son osvaldo morrison They are celebrating. The boy, who accompanies her everywhere and is a super buddy of her mother, turned 8 years old and received great surprises.

Was Jimena Baron the one that revealed one by one the surprises that she prepared for him with great anticipation and to make this day a very special one. On her social networks, the actress and singer shared images that she captured during the early hours of the morning and while she was delivering each of her gifts.

“Happy birthday Momito de mama,” she wrote above a recording in which she is heard singing happy birthday to her. In the next few, Morrison is seen drinking chocolate with a light bulb and beginning to open the gifts.

Very excited, the boy couldn’t help but be surprised by the three board games that Jimena chose especially for him.


Looking forward to your son’s 8th birthday osvaldo morrison, Jimena Baron He made a forceful post in which he talked about motherhood.

“Celebrating her birth floods me with sensitivity, I remember everything and a little anguishes me to feel that it was yesterday but no. Being a mother for me is sharing my entire life starting with my own body. Everything that I am has become important because It was just for me. And so until today, “he began writing.

In the same way, he continued: “My son is my focus when something happens, when he gets sick, when he is not well, everything is out of focus and the world turns the same but blurry. Being a mother is not having the most fucking idea but pretend I do because he looks at me and has huge expectations.

“I try to live up to his kindness, his ingenuity, his enthusiasm and happiness. I cannot tell him that he is my absolute teacher and that it is a lie that I teach him. I take care of him tooth and nail, like a lioness. I love since I found out and that love grows over time. It is a feeling in the chest that can even be touched. Life is going to slap him like everyone else and that already hurts me, “he continued Jimena Baron.

Finally, he reflected: “I raised him so that he doesn’t need me because I know he’s going to fly properly. I cry when he falls asleep but it’s fine. Children steal your entire life from one second to the next. I want her only with him and if If he needed it, I would give it to him.”