Jennifer Aniston’s salad goes viral: here is the vegan reinterpretation

It’s a full blown salad: a few lettuce leaves, chickpeas, parsley, cucumbers, feta and raw onion. A classic cold dish, easy to prepare and tasty. What made it unique, however, is that it garnered 18.2 million views on TikTok. The reason? The hashtag #jenniferanistonsalad, all due to a huge misunderstanding.

The mystery of “Rachel’s” salad

In the twenty-first century, it takes little to turn even a simple salad into a social phenomenon. The ingredients for guaranteed success are few and always the same: it must be a simple, light preparation, with ingredients that are easy to find and, last but certainly not least, it must touch the heartstrings. It was enough to exhume an old interview from 2010 released to the Los Angeles Times by Courteney Cox, colleague of actress Jennifer Aniston on the set of the US sitcom Friends, to make viral what is now, erroneously, called “Jennifer Aniston’s salad”.

The misunderstanding started precisely from the words of Cox who admitted to having consumed for over a decade, with her colleagues on lunch break, always the same salad created by Aniston: “It was a salad similar to cobb salad but Jennifer had modified it by giving it an extra touch: there were chickpeas, I think, and I don’t know what else … She was really good at cooking and, on the other hand, if you eat the same salad for ten years, it must be good, isn’t it? “. From that moment on, the mere fact that there was a favorite meal of Aniston, Hollywood star, style icon and perhaps the most loved character of all Friendsbrought hundreds of creators to share their personal reinterpretations of the cold dish, reaching millions and millions of views. We therefore ended up with a universally accepted recipe as “Jennifer Aniston Salad” containing the following ingredients: chickpeas, bulgur, cucumbers, parsley, mint leaves, feta, red onion and chopped pistachio, with the addition of oil, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt. Too bad, however, that the original recipe is completely different and not vegetarian at all.

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in a scene from Friends

Jennifer Aniston’s original recipe

To declare it was the same Jennifer Aniston to the magazine Shape: “I feel like I’m letting everyone down, but that’s not my salad! It looks delicious, but it’s not the dish I’ve been preparing for decades on the set of Friends. To be honest, I would never put so many chickpeas in a salad, it would make digestion much more difficult ”. So much hype about nothing, but the story still had its happy ending, as the star satisfied the communities by revealing, again to the magazine, the ingredients needed to replicate her invention to perfection: grated lettuce, chicken, egg whites. egg, a bit of chickpeas, bacon, a bit of vinaigrette and, on some days only, a bit of pecorino cheese borrowed from an Italian restaurant nearby.

The vegan version

Despite the corrections by Aniston, the trend of the recipe with chickpeas, feta and cucumbers is unstoppable, and therefore if you too would like to prepare your own saladhere it is in its most popular vegan reinterpretation: it starts with a base of quinoa or cous cous and fresh parsley; then add shallots, fresh mint, cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, a cucumber, red onion, dried tomatoes and pistachios. Then season everything with an emulsion based on oil, salt, pepper and lemon and a spoonful of tahini sauce and the dish is ready!