Jeniffer Aniston revealed the particular way she eats breakfast to stay in shape

Jeniffer Aniston, remembered for her historic performance in Friends, always stood out for its natural beauty. But nature must also be helped and, in this case, one of her secrets to look so good at 53 years old is in her breakfasts.

In a recent interview with the magazine first for womenJennifer revealed that she follows a strict regimen that begins with the first meal of the day: “When I wake up I drink warm water with lemon and then a smoothie or an avocado with eggs. I learned to prepare them in different ways so they taste different every morning.”

The first thing Aniston drinks when she wakes up is warm water with lemon.
The first thing Aniston drinks when she wakes up is warm water with lemon.

Another variant to not get tired of always eating the same thing is to prepare oatmeal with beaten egg white. “I add the white just before the oatmeal finishes cooking. It gives you extra protein and a fluffy texture that is delicious.”Jennifer explained.

On the other hand, in a previous interview with radio schedulesthe protagonist of the morning show She added that she is a strong supporter of intermittent fasting, which has helped her get in shape: “I do intermittent fasting so sometimes I don’t eat anything in the morning. I have noticed a big difference going 16 hours without eating solid food”.

But breakfasts are not the only variable to stay beautiful and healthy. for years the protagonist of Friends is a strong reference of Yogalosophy, a discipline that works body, mind and spirit at the same time.

Mandy Ingber, creator of this movement, is the one who closely supervises the actress’s routine that combines yoga, spinning and meditation exercises, as well as healthy eating. “Yoga helps you prepare for everything. It is like meditation. Simply allow whatever comes your way throughout the day to be doable.”the star confessed to ME!who learned to remain calm through this discipline.

Regarding your face, Aniston revealed that she resorts to the creams commonly indicated for hemorrhoids to deflate her eyes. Vaseline is also applied to the eyelids to achieve prominent eyelashes.