‘Jalará Juárez international events with Convention Center’

Juarez City.- With the start of the Convention Center, Juarez aspires to consolidate itself as a point of national and international events that will promote the economic development of the city, businessmen agreed.

Members of different business chambers stated that the realization of the project will benefit from businesses and restaurants to hotels, with the attraction of more tourists.

Rogelio González Alcocer, president of the Ciudad Juárez Hotel Association, highlighted that the Ciudad Juárez Exhibition and Convention Center will attract more than 40,000 tourists a year.

“This will bring great benefits such as 60,000 room nights in hotels and average consumption spending between 3 and 5 times more than leisure tourists throughout the value chain (restaurants, hotels, transportation, among others),” he said.

He added that thanks to the creation of the Exhibition and Convention Center, the attraction of investors in the destination will be detonated, thus allowing them to get to know Ciudad Juárez.

“The city will position itself nationally and internationally as a benchmark in the organization of events and an excellent option for business tourism to be considered by companies when selecting the destination for their next event,” he said.

He affirmed that the project will also promote regional cuisine and visitors from various countries will get to know Mexican, Chihuahuan and Juarez cuisine.

In addition, the project will develop the city’s infrastructure, since it will have to increase its capacity to simultaneously serve a large number of diners.

“There are companies and sectors in Juárez that are world leaders, however, currently their leadership and trajectory are not fully known and, therefore, they do not impact, as they would like, the positioning, perception and reputation of Ciudad Juárez or of the State of Chihuahua, and the companies and entrepreneurs who make life in it”, he said.

“Thanks to the Ciudad Juárez Exhibition and Convention Center, we will be able to set examples of identity such as that we are the world capital of harnesses and can therefore exercise that leadership that generates benefits for the city/region,” he added.

He recalled that Ciudad Juárez has more than 40 industrial parks, which makes it a great point of interest for exhibition fairs of various industries, thus being a great added value when defining the venue for an international event.

“With more than 350 manufacturers in Ciudad Juárez, large international companies from different parts of the world have their sights set on it, so having a quality space for holding events such as the ‘Ciudad Juárez Convention and Exhibition Center’ , becomes a priority”, said González Alcocer.

Héctor Nuñez Polanco, president of the Economic Development of the North and a specialist in Convention Centers, said that although business tourism has fallen due to the pandemic, a recovery is expected soon.

Given this, he considered that Juarez needs a decent place with a meeting point for local events.

“Juarez should have had a space like this for a long time,” he said.

However, he added that there is currently a problem regarding its location planning, since from his point of view it should be closer to places such as the airport and hotel zones.

“A lot of people think that the Convention Center is like a market that is going to detonate the area around it, but they don’t activate the environment. People only go to the event and then leave, so you have to plan your location very well, ”he stressed.

José Mario Sánchez Soledad, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), mentioned that of the 10 most important cities in the country, Juárez is the only one that does not have a convention center, hence the need to materialize this project that has been planned for more than 20 years.

The businessman affirmed that there is also confusion in the population, that because they believe that the work will be carried out in the green areas of El Chamizal, they do not support the project.

However, he stressed that the space where it is planned is located in ‘Los Hoyos’ of El Chamizal, so the space where Juarenses go in search of recreation will not be ‘stealed’.

For the continuity of the project, the leader of Coparmex urged municipal and federal authorities to define as soon as possible the legal status of the land where it is planned.