It’s not all oatmeal! Prepare this amaranth smoothie with strawberries, a nutritious and delicious option

We know that drinks with oatmeal they are the ideal ones to enjoy a satiating drink that fights hunger and also adds beneficial properties, but you should know that not everything is this cereal, but there are also other grains that can be included and give it a flavor twist. Such is the case of amaranthwhich is a nutritious and delicious option Being a natural source of protein, providing energy and being easy to digest.

This grain is a healthy option that can be substituted for oatmeal and give you the opportunity to delight those delicious recipes to calm your hunger, like a good amaranth smoothie with strawberriesone of the drinks that can be prepared at any time of the day and have a food that can be shared even with the family because it has a great flavor, as well as being very easy to prepare at home.