Is your Mother’s Day tacky? From bright bouquets to breakfast-in-bed mistakes: the etiquette guru reveals things to avoid

Mother’s Day is coming up, and you may want to think twice before sharing your celebrations on social media.

Etiquette expert William Hanson has revealed the top things that can make your day seem ordinary, and that’s bad news if you’ve bought a “World’s Best Mom” ​​mug.


Speaking to Fabulous, William said of the big day: “You get away with it a lot more when you’re under 18, particularly when you’re 10 and under.

“If you’re still giving your mom a little childish gifts when you’re 42, it can look a little bad.”

Luckily, William has revealed the best gifts to avoid on Mother’s Day and what to do instead…

Articles of ‘The best mom in the world’

William said that buying a mug, or anything, with ‘World’s Best Mum’ on it is so “trite”.

He explained: “From a scientific point of view, unless you have tested more than one mother, your sample size is one.

“It’s a ridiculous claim and typically, in my limited experience, people who had ‘World’s Best Mom’ items were generally not great.”

She also said it was “reckless” to bring a ‘World’s Best Mom’ mug to work as it says “look what my son got me”.

William added, “A) it’s bragging, which is never a good idea, and b) it’s pretty mean to everyone else.”

Funky Pigeon Cards

William said that using a card printing site like Moonpig or Funky Pigeon is “ok” as long as you leave the card blank and write a personal handwritten message.

He explained, “Unless you can’t personally write on a card, it’s very impersonal.

“It’s better not to bother and make a half-hour phone call to the person, rather than something you did on your phone while you’re in the bathroom or picking your nose on the bus.”

bright flowers

William said flowers are a good choice, unless they’re an “unbelievably bright color or synthetic and unnatural.”

He said: “Blue-tinted flowers or hot pink gerberas are probably the cheapest flowers.

“Daisy-like flowers are technically weeds, so giving your mother weeds is very effective.”

Artificial flowers in silk boxes.

A big no-no for William is giving fake flowers.

He said: “They’re just going to collect dust, you’re giving someone a respiratory problem.

“Wouldn’t most people prefer the real deal to something fake?”

And crystals inside fake flowers are “the height of stickiness and low price” and should be avoided at all costs.

Necklace or t-shirt with the word “mama”

Any item that says “mom” should be avoided, and William said he just “wouldn’t wear” something with a father’s title.

He said: “It is very little 2020 that women walk around with a label that spells they are mothers.

“It can make other people who are not mothers roll their eyes because there is probably more to them than being a mother.

“If your son is five years old and has picked him up at an amusement park or in stores with his father or grandparents, he’s lovely and sweet, but when you get to 16 or 18, not so much.”

big cards

The etiquette expert said large cards should be banned for all occasions, but especially Mother’s Day.

He said: “The bigger the card, the cheaper the card. A normal sized card is absolutely fine, you don’t need something huge, great.

“Usually the slightly more tacky care bears are huge and a bit ostentatious.”

Dated canvas photo

William said the canvases generally look “old-fashioned” and those he has seen have not been “artistically” assembled.

He advised, “If you’re going down that road, I’d either design professionally or get a website with a template design.”

Eat in bed without a tray

There’s nothing wrong with having breakfast in bed, according to William, and the tradition even dates back to when married women in the days of Downton Abbey did it every morning.

However, it is in poor taste if you only consume your food on a small plate.

He said: “The way most people eat in bed now is probably from a plate, maybe a little tray.

“If you’re going to do it, do it nicely on a tray, a tray with the feet rolled down to straddle the person, almost like a table, to avoid crumbs.”

Put your mother facing the wall in restaurants

William said that regardless of your restaurant’s price range, there are nice things you can do to make your mom feel special.

He said, “You should pull out his chair, take his coat, give him the best seat.

“Usually the best seat is the one that can see most of the restaurant compared to a wall.”

glass signs

While some people love glass ornaments or boxes, William said they’re certainly not for everyone.

He said: “Around 20 or 30 years ago it was more exciting than it is today.

“Unless you know they like that sort of thing, it’s not good, as they may feel compelled to show it when they hate it.”

Buying gifts for the sake of it

William said you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy your mom a gift if your budget doesn’t allow it.

He said: “No one should feel pressured to buy anything, but get a card and write to them and tell them how much you appreciate them if you don’t have a big budget.

“Especially in Britain, when we don’t really express our emotions as much as we should, putting pen to paper and telling them how much you love them is probably the best thing to do.”

If you’re gift giving, the etiquette guru advises buying something you need or want.

He said: “Get something you know they want instead of going down the path of something that says ‘best mom in the world’ and is related to the day you’re celebrating.

“Everyone likes flowers, but I’d probably get them a bottle of champagne.”

Flowers should be real, but avoid blue-tinted flowers or hot pink gerberas.


According to the etiquette expert, glass signs should be avoided.


Fake flowers are a big no, especially if they have crystals, says William


The bigger the card, the more downward it is, according to William


You should never consider buying 'world's best mom' mugs


Photographic canvases should be banned if they are not professionally designed.